Rustic Cabin Addition


Open floor plan, with a loft for sleeping.


Now with a 3 bedroom addition.

Posts on top of big foots, backfilled and compacted. 

Posts notched and trimmed, time for the floor framing. 

Floor framing. 

Wall day! With the floor being elevated, I opted to dry in the cabin first, then sheathe the bottom of the joists and put the insulation in from the top down. This allowed for a 2 inch closed cell foam with R-21 batts on top. These rooms stay nice and toasty, even with the wind and snow blowing below.

Walls are up!

Roofing done! We discovered the shakes were in bad shape. Stripped and re-roofed the main cabin at the same time. 

Typical balmy fall day.

The spectators.

This was fun to scribe and squeeze full length t&g into place. It was nice to do a ceiling without any butt joints. 

Chink ready!

Just your typical beautiful spring day.

More of the same. T&G and indoor trim day.

Cutting through the old log stack and making a clean hallway transition was a lot of fun. It was nice to open the two areas up and look between the two.

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2

Technically not a master bedroom since we did not any bathrooms. But it is a nice, large bedroom and closet with pot shelves and a private deck.

Bedroom 3